Campaign Brief:
Bastarnae is going to be a campaign based on two locations, the first is the campaign’s namesake Bastarnae, and the second is the unexplored world beyond the Portal. The initial challenge for the party is going to be to explore the world beyond the portal and bring the news back to their superiors.

Geography of Bastarnae:
Bastarnae is a small nation whose borders are formed by the Mountains of Tela’Rusk on three sides and by the Forest of Scythia on the other. Bastarnae has a fairly wet, temperate climate and there are many streams and rivers running through the country. The fertile soil lends itself well to an agrarian lifestyle and most of the citizens are small landholders. Its wealth comes from the mines located in the mountainous regions as well the timber that is harvested from the Forest of Scythia.

Political Climate:
Bastarnae is a theocratic state based around the worship of the Holy Pentad. Due to its geographic isolation and strict religious beliefs, Bastarnae does not have a very open relationship with its neighbors. Over the last hundred years several neighbors have tried to annex the territory, however the highly organized and militarized church has led successful efforts to resist these incursions in each case. The Council of Bastarnae makes all the decisions concerning the nation as a whole. On a smaller level, local governance is usually handled by whichever Order holds sway in that area.

History of Bastarnae:
Several hundred years ago the region now known as Bastarnae was ruled by a group of people called the Solomonari. The Solomonari were spellcasters of great ability and they ruled the region with an iron fist. People who could not use magic were considered to be second class citizens and treated as such. Then, in a small town in the heart of the empire a man named Joachim began teaching that anyone, regardless of magical ability, could become someone important. He based his teachings around Five Tenets and began to gather followers. At first the Solomonari dismissed him, but as his following began to grow they attempted to suppress him. Their initial efforts failed and and so with their frustrations mounting they tried to massacre Joachim and his followers (now numbering in the hundreds) at a place called Puchov a small village where Joachim had stopped to preach.


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