Brock Hammerhand

Dwarf runepriest, religious zealot.


Brock Hammerhand grew up in a small village deep in the Mountains of Tela’Rusk. His physical strength and meticulous nature saw him apprenticed to a blacksmith at an early age. However, before he could finish his apprenticeship, the entire village was destroyed by a rogue sorcerer fleeing from justice. Brock had the good fortune to have been away on an errand when the tragedy occurred, but returned to find nothing but ashes where his village once stood.

When the witch-hunters showed up a short time later, they found a young dwarf eager to assist them in hunting down their fugitive. The followers of Seol were impressed with his fervor, as well as his metallurgical skills, and offered to train him as a runepriest.

Brock embraced his new path with an obsessive glee. He seemed to be a rising star within the witch-hunters, until his investigations into a heresy matter a few years back seemed to ruffle some feathers in the establishment. Soon he found himself sent off to the most obscure locations investigating vague rumors of little importance. He was just starting to think that his career was doomed, when the orders came in from his superior that he was being sent to investigate a new portal that had been found.

Brock Hammerhand

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